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File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy with Hinkle Law, PLLC in Greencastle, PA

If you live in Greencastle or any of the surrounding areas in Franklin County, PA, and have been struggling to pay your debts or have been receiving harassing phone calls from creditors, call Hinkle Law, PLLC. Attorney David Hinkle is an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, operating in Martinsburg, WV, and works with countless Franklin County residents. When you call Attorney Hinkle for a free consultation about your financial issues, he may recommend filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you should choose to proceed with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Hinkle Law, PLLC will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process, and counsel you to get back on your feet after it is over. For a free consultation on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call Hinkle Law, PLLC at (304) 596-2423, or contact us online.

Ask About Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Stateline & Waynesboro, PA

One of the main reasons that people are reluctant to file bankruptcy is that they do not want a trustee to liquidate their assets. If you live in Stateline or Waynesboro, PA, and meet certain qualifications, you can move forward with Chapter 13 bankruptcy and protect most of, if not all of, your assets. If you are facing these financial hardships and debts, or are being constantly harassed by creditors or debt collectors, give Attorney David Hinkle a call. Attorney Hinkle and the rest of the staff at Hinkle Law, PLLC will work diligently on your behalf, and determine whether or not Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right path for you. To take the first step in your path to financial freedom, call Hinkle Law, PLLC for a free consultation on Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

End Creditor Harassment in Fayetteville & Chambersburg, PA

If you live in Franklin County, PA, including areas like Fayetteville and Chambersburg, and are constantly finding yourself a victim of creditor harassment, call Hinkle Law, PLLC. In some cases, creditors do their job ethically and legally, but in a lot of other cases, they take advantage of debtors who do not know that they have rights, too. If you feel that you have been harassed by a creditor or debt collection agency, call Attorney David Hinkle at Hinkle Law, PLLC, today. Do not hesitate! We work hard every day to eradicate creditor harassment in Franklin County and beyond.